Thursday, May 1, 2008

frigidaire fridge model plhs269zdb1 ice maker overflows

customer complaint(s)... 1 major complaint when water dispensor is pressed the ice maker overflows with water
2 before the water problem the ice bucket always spilled ice over the edges

inspected unit, serial number indicated it was early production (2004)
these fridges had a problem with the ice bucket overflowing with ice

tested fridge for water problem(water to the icemaker during water dispence is a problem with the diodes), tested diodes and found one defective

replaced diodes with part #5303918287

the icemaker on this fridge has had several revisions for the bail arm to correct the too much ice problem, the latest fix is a redesigned icemaker

installed new icemaker part #5303918344

frigidaire freezer model plfu1778es not cooling

customer complaint... not cooling since we moved

tested freezer, unit was not cooling, compressor running
installed service valve on sealed system and checked guages, guages indicated unit was in a 30" vaccuum
unplugged freezer, pressure did not raise
advised customer sealed system was plugged, inquired how unit was transported and found out it had been laid on its back and plugged in imediatly after transport

advised customer to ship unit to shop so we could remove service dryer and flush system to see if it was salvagable without changing the heat exchanger

NEVER ship a fridge or freezer laid down!!!

frigidaire dishwasher model fdb510cfs1 loud squeeling noise

customer complaint... loud squeel durig wash

ran machine quickly, noted the loud squeel during wash, this is the impeller stripped off the motor shaft that makes this VERY loud squeel

changed motor pump assembly with part #154594201 and all was quiet again

Thursday, April 17, 2008

frigidaire dishwasher model fdbb944cs1 wont start

customer complaint... hit normal and start and the dishwasher lights normal light but doesn't start and normal light goes blank shortly after

tested door latch switches, found one to not be closing

replaced latch assembly with part # 154434101

much happiness and clean dishes for customer now

Thursday, April 10, 2008

frigidaire range model pglef385cb1 no bake

customer complaint.... no bake

opened control panel, set range to bake and tested for voltage at the electronic control between L2 out(brown wire) and P3 bake(yellow wire), found 0 volts... if the range control is working it should be 240 volts

advised customer the unit needed the control, gave quote, after customer agreed i went to the truck got part and installed

i stock this ERC its common and a good seller

frigidaire washer model glft1570es0 not spinning clothes dry

customer complaint... not all loads are dry at end of cycle

started machine in spin, machine began to pick up speed normally so i removed front access panel, found broken shock, stopped machine

changed shock with new metal shock kit part #134564200

retested machine till spin ramped up to full speed