Thursday, March 27, 2008

frigidaire dishwasher model # fdb636gft0

customer complaint..... machine wont drain

tested dishwasher, drain pump was running but unit was not draining
removed drainhose connection at sink and looked inside, hose was filled with grease(old bacon grease that was now lard)
cleaned plumbing spigot with a screwdriver then fished drain hose with my appliance hose snake(this looks just like a plumbers snake only its 1/4 inch in diameter(its a recycled sheath off a lawnmower throttle cable)) and it sure comes in handy often(works on plugged fridge drains too)
ran machine through several fills and drains to get the water good and hot to flush away any left over gookus and advised customer to run some dishwasher cleaner through machine and scrape bacon grease better and wash those dishes in the sink

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