Thursday, April 10, 2008

elecrolux range model e30ew7cess3

customer complaint.... intermittently the oven will flask error "remove racks" while oven is not in use

this range will only ask for racks to be removed when self clean is activated

customer advised me error started after another service company had changed the convection fan... when said company went to test range after install there was a flash/boom, this company then removed oven from wall again, taped some wires retested and left

tested all functions of oven repeatly over several cups of coffe with customer, advised customer because i could not reproduce error i would contact electrolux because the last company had preformed repairs under warranty

returned again this week with a helper to remove oven and a complete control panel assembly provided by frigidaire at no charge, removed oven,inspected all wiring, found wire to bake element maretted, freeded up a bit of slack on wire and it reached the bake element so i installed a new spade terminal, changed control panel reinstalled oven and tested all function over an expresso(customer has a VERY nice kitchen) everything tested ok

that was tuesday, its thursday night now and no call on the cell so here is to hoping i excorcised the ghost

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