Thursday, April 10, 2008

frigidaire fridge model frt124fw0 fridge not cooling

customer complaint.... fresh food section not cooling

removed freezer cover and found evaporator frosted(note.. i am finding this model with abnormal frost build-up, the bottom of the evaporator is clear but the top half is frosted and coated in solid ice)

this tells me the fridge is not completely defrosting each defrost cycle

advanced timer into defrost manually and the heater came on, i sat and watched it defrost for several minutes, i then removed the thermal fuse from the freezer and plugged in my by-pass so i could begin to defrost the unit with a steamer

heater stayed on almost the entire time i defrosted the evaporator untill i had to clear the ice from around the DTS, heater turned off and shortly after the timer cycled the fridge back on

now to me this whole process seemed to work properly, but i know the ice build-up was not cause by someone leaving a door open or what not

so once again i'll be calling the frigidaire techs and explaining this AGAIN to see if they have a better answer than... change everything cause both the timer and DTS are doing what they are designed to do

any techs with input please post your comments cause i'm getting to hate this lil LG built frigidaire

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