Tuesday, April 1, 2008

frigidaire fridge model pht219whsm1 door wont close

customer complaint.... door wont close all the way

inspected unit, found the door rubbing on the bottom of the fridge liner keeping it from closing all the way, also noted fridge was not sitting level

while leveling the fridge i noticed the bottom hinge was missing its plastic shim washer

removed doors and installed shim washer part #240311303(*note* this is not the correct washer for this model, the hinge is larger on on models with water dispensors)
i had to take the shim out to the truck and use the dremmel to make the hole in the washer slightly larger

reinstalled doors then leveled fridge, replaced all food on door and retested door to make sure it still closed with all the extra weight

*note* leveling is very important and larger new fridges cause if they are sitting at an angle the whole cabinet will twist and cause the doors to bind or sit crooked

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